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Shri Atul B Kothari, Founder and Trustee, of Mahatma Gandhi Library Houston will be making a presentation on Mahatma Gandhi and his relevance today.  The presentation will also include information on Eternal Gandhi Museum being built in Houston.  Houston will be only one of only three cities in the world to host this museum.  The other two cities being Delhi, India and Birmingham, UK.

Atul is Certified Public Accountant, CPA, licensed to practice public accounting in State of Texas, USA, since 1979. He received his MBA from University of Houston in 1977. He received his MS in Chemical Engineering from Polytechnic Institute of New York in 1975. He graduated from Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur, India with B. Tech. in Chemical Engineering in 1974. Atul currently resides in Houston, Texas. Atul first got really interested in Mahatma Gandhi about 15 years ago when he was searching for an answer to as to why India got left behind and western civilization had made so much progress. Initially, he remained with the answer that science and technology is a field primarily developed by western civilization where as India remained focused on spirituality. Then all of a sudden a light came on. Science and technology is nothing else but relentless pursuit of physical truth which led him to learn more about Apostle of Peace and unwavering practitioner of Truth, Mahatma Gandhi. He learned the most basic lesson of life on how to live the life from Mahatma Gandhi. Practice truth as conceived by one's self, your truth, while adhering to non-violence in mind, word and deed. He has now dedicated himself to taking this message to to the next generation.